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Do you ever search online for certain information that can help you with your schoolwork but any information you lay your hands on is missing that Nigerian factor? That little piece of information that can make studio life way easier, or make studying courses more interesting and make you want to pick up your notes and study?

I was part of the pioneer set of architecture students in my school. I was once in your shoes. That feeling of not knowing where to turn to in your time of need. The hours of going through the internet not knowing exactly what to search to help you find what you’re looking for. This is why I started Quif Studio, an architectural blog where architecture students in Nigeria can get all the help they need to get through those long harsh hours of studio work and bulky courses.

This blog is dedicated to providing you with tips and tricks that will help improve your abilities and motivate you to be the best that you can be. It would be my pleasure to see you turn into an amazing architect in the future. So, refill your pencils, grab your set squares and stay tuned for more updates.

Check out our Architectural Design Stage Series

Episode 2: Site Plan Working Drawings

The working drawing of a site plan gives various information. It tells us the size of the land, the exact location of a building on the land, the orientation of the site, and all necessary dimensions and specifications. In this post, you will learn about all the required information for the working drawing of a… Continue reading Episode 2: Site Plan Working Drawings

Episode 1: Understanding Working Drawings

In architecture, the design of buildings in one of the primary responsibilities of an architect. The design is represented in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings. However, these drawing comes in many forms to enable those designs to be translated on site. In the Architectural Design Series, the type of drawing used is called presentation drawings. Presentation… Continue reading Episode 1: Understanding Working Drawings

Architectural Working Drawing Series

Welcome to the launch of a new series called the Architectural Working Drawing Series. This series is designed to cover architectural working drawing. This type of drawing is done after we have fully developed a design. Working drawings have loads of information which help in turning a design into reality. They give detailed information about… Continue reading Architectural Working Drawing Series


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Check out our Preliminary Design Stage Series

Episode 8: Space Analysis and Schedule of Accommodation

All spaces are designed to revolve around the human being. The design of spaces is derived from how the user interacts with his environment. The human body is a unique design on its own that works within a unique ratio and proportion, therefore, the design of the surrounding environment is inevitably planned to be functional… Continue reading Episode 8: Space Analysis and Schedule of Accommodation

Episode 7: Bubble Diagrams and Functional Flowcharts

Bubble diagrams are freehand diagrams made during the preliminary design stage to help plan or zone spaces with similar functions. The bubble diagram is the first step made towards achieving a floor plan. The information from a bubble diagram helps plan out major functions in a building, spaces in the building, their relationships, and sometimes… Continue reading Episode 7: Bubble Diagrams and Functional Flowcharts


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