About Quif

A 23-year old architect based in Kano, Nigeria…

My full name is Mariyatul-Quifdiyyah Aminu Kabir. A lot of my friends call me Quif or Quifdy for short to the point where it became a very catchy nickname.

I am an architect and a blogger who loves design, arts, crafts and writing. Design is my passion. I treat all my projects like my babies, every detail is important to me. I also love teaching and inspiring others as well as sharing ideas. That’s why I started Quif Studio.

Quif Studio is a blog about inspiring and sharing ideas with others within architecture, arts and crafts. My experience as a student, tips and tricks, DIYs and my projects are mainly what the blog revolves around.

I love hearing feedback, so feel free to contact me for anything and comment on my blog posts and social media pages!