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Architectural Working Drawing Series

Welcome to the launch of a new series called the Architectural Working Drawing Series. This series is designed to cover architectural working drawing. This type of drawing is done after we have fully developed a design. Working drawings have loads of information which help in turning a design into reality. They give detailed information about every aspect of a drawing from the dimensions, to the material to be used, and how it can be constructed.

Throughout the course of the series, we will be discussing all the components that go into architectural working drawing. Hence, the following is a list of upcoming episodes under this series:

  1. Understanding Working Drawings
  2. Site Plan Working Drawings
  3. Floor Plan Working Drawings
  4. Roof Plan Working Drawings
  5. Section Working Drawings
  6. Elevation Working Drawings
  7. Detailing
  8. Schedules and Specification Writing

Stay tuned for this series and comment down below what your expectations are. If you are a student, have you ever done working drawings? What do you like about it or what part challenges you the most?

 I would really appreciate your feedback. You can also email me with any suggestions from the Contact page.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned!


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