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Preliminary Design Stage Series

Welcome back to my blog guys!

Welcome to the launch of a new series called the Preliminary Design Stage Series. I know from the title, you might be thinking “what is going on here?“. Well today, I am officially launching this series for the sole purpose of explaining what the entire preliminary design stage entails. Throughout the course of the series, I will be talking about each preliminary step taken before any architectural design.

From my previous post, which was talking about The Most Neglected Steps in Design, I pointed out that the most neglected steps are mainly from the preliminary stage which usually end up having an adverse effect on the overall design. This series is to help guide anyone in the architectural world (both in training and in practice) on what the steps are, their importance, and how to do them properly.

What is Preliminary Design Stage?

From the word preliminary, this is a stage in design that is done before the actual 2D or 3D architectural drawings. The stage involves gathering information of the site, its surroundings and the building type to be built or designed, and how that information is used in producing a functional design that will satisfy the users and fit perfectly into the environment. In a more detailed list below, these are the items that fall under the preliminary stage:

  1. Introduction
  2. Case studies and literature review
  3. Site selection criteria
  4. Site maps (site location map, vicinity map, etc)
  5. Site analysis
  6. Site zoning
  7. Space analysis
  8. Bubble diagrams
  9. Functional flow charts
  10. Schedule of accommodation
  11. Design concept

Depending on the project given, you might end up having a wider range of steps. For example, there might be cases where you are including sustainability or energy solutions to your design; sheets or presentations will be required on those issues which fall under the preliminary steps. In some cases, you are required to give an explanation of your building system, the materials and construction. This is also part of the steps. I only captured these 11 steps because they are the basic ones, but some of them are so wide and have a lot of categories under them as well.

Stay tuned for this series and comment down below what your expectations are. If you are a student, tell us what your favourite step is, what your least favourite step is, where you think you are lacking the most, etc. I would really appreciate your feedback. You can also email me with any suggestions from my Contact page. This series will also run through Instagram so make sure you check out our page from the links below.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


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